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Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that occurs when thin microscopic fibers of asbestos lodge within the outer lung tissue. Since asbestos was established as the cause of mesothelioma, thousands of cases have been litigated in U.S courts. Exposure to asbestos may be of many sorts, and each sort of exposure calls for representation by a Mesothelioma Attorney. The main kinds of exposure include Commercial & Industrial Exposure, Commercial Product Exposure and Second Hand Exposure.

Industrial and Commercial Exposure: Those who worked at commercial and industrial worksites prior to the regulation of asbestos are particularly at risk of developing mesothelioma. Even so, though asbestos has been prohibited for many years, it is still present in many buildings. Also, keep in mind, those working on the maintaining or demolishing of such buildings are at risk of being afflicted with mesothelioma. If you have been exposed in such a nature, a Mesothelioma Attorney will help argue your case in the court of law. Further, commercial and industrial exposure is not limited to buildings. Other dangerous job sites include chemical plants, steel mills, power plants, and oil refineries. These job sites are high heat environments and all utilized asbestos in most of their fire resistant equipment, e.g. gloves and clothing. If your exposure stems from an employment that is commercial and industrial in nature, a Mesothelioma Lawyer will attempt to get you the settlement you deserve.

Commercial Product Exposure: Another type of asbestos exposure is that of working with the product itself. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and worked on the renovation of your own home prior to the 80’s. It is highly likely that you have been exposed to the carcinogen; a Mesothelioma Lawyer will provide information on all products that utilized asbestos around this time. Some of these product include insulation, siding, roofing material, joint compound, flooring, ceiling, tiles; among others. When these products are cut, sanded or filed, asbestos is released into the air. If you have been exposed in such a fashion, you should speak with a Mesothelioma Lawyer.

Second Hand Exposure: In Industrial and Commercial Exposure, the exposed worked in the presence of the carcinogen. On the other hand, second hand exposure occurs when a worker introduces asbestos particles to a person who was not present in the same working conditions. This sort of exposure often affects the family members of those who constantly work with asbestos. For instance, laundering the clothes of those who work with asbestos. Workers may also bring home asbestos fibers on their skin, hair and shoes. Since mesothelioma may develop, you should talk to a Mesothelioma Lawyer.

Further, any Mesothelioma Lawyer will tell you that in a Second Hand Exposure case, a Mesothelioma Lawyer must prove that the alleged negligent party owes a duty of care to the person (s) affected. Although this area is not clear cut, there have been court rulings in favor of Second Hand Asbestos Exposure victims:

In Satterfield v. Breeding Insulation Co. the court argued that “an [employer has] a duty to use reasonable care to prevent exposure to asbestos fibers not only to its employees but to those who came into close regular contact with its employees’ contaminated work clothes over an extended period of time” Satterfield v. Breeding Insulation Co., 266 S.W. 3d 347 (Tenn.2008).

To clarify, the court here states that employers are responsible for the second hand exposure that results from contact with their employees. In other words, such exposure could have been prevented in the first place. If you have been exposed to asbestos as such, you should contact a Mesothelioma Lawyer.

Also, a Mesothelioma Lawyer will emphasize the fact that employers were aware of the dangers posed by asbestos. Wholly speaking, if you have developed mesothelioma, then you should not be left to bear the financial burden that comes with it. With a Mesothelioma Lawyer, you will go after a settlement that you rightly deserve. A Mesothelioma Lawyer possesses the education and in-court experience to rightly litigate your case. A Mesothelioma Lawyer will get you the “right” settlement.