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If you have lost a loved one to mesothelioma, or if you yourself have been diagnosed with this deadly condition, you can contact an experienced Arizona mesothelioma lawyer to file a case against the companies that are contaminated with asbestos. The people who are most susceptible to asbestos exposure are workers who worked in job sites containing asbestos and if you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma you can should contact an Arizona mesothelioma attorney to help you make your case.

In most cases the workers who were exposed to asbestos were unaware of the risks of asbestos contamination and the diseases that the mineral can cause.  Mesothelioma differs from normal lung cancer because instead of damaging the lung as a whole, mesothelioma destroys the inner lining of these respiratory organs. A thorough check up should be done to ensure that you have not been afflicted with these conditions if you have worked at any of the below mentioned asbestos contaminated job sites. It is for this reason that mesothelioma is deemed more dangerous and deadlier as compared to asbestosis.  The average life span of a person diagnosed with this condition is 18 months.

Asbestos in Arizona:

According to a report prepared by the United States Geological Survey in the year 2007-8, there are 103 [1] sites where asbestos occurs naturally in the state. Out of the 103 listed, there are 96 sites which primarily contain chrysotile asbestos which also happens to be a banned variety in commercial usage, among 5 others in USA. These are mostly found in the Gila and the Pinal counties in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is also home to many deposits of chrysotile asbestos [2].

Chrysotile Arizona:

This mineral was discovered in the year 1872 in Arizona, the town where the deposits were found has thus been named Chrysotile [3]. This town was established at the bottom of Ash Creek Canyon as an asbestos mining town and was developed in the year 1914. This town is now a ghost town even though a few people still live here.

Asbestos mining in Arizona:

There are a total of forty six asbestos mines in the state of Arizona, and forty four mines out of these are situated in the Gila Country. Approximately seventy five thousand tones of asbestos deposits were mined here for commercial purposes, before the mining culminated in the year 1982. During the mid nineties, asbestos in any form or minerals was declared a banned element in the country because of the health hazards that it posed. But even when the ban was in effect, mesothelioma cancer cases were still being reported in the country.

Industries that used asbestos:

Industries abundantly used asbestos for the purposes of insulation as this material is cheap and provides very effective insulation. Copper mills and industrial power plants in Arizona used asbestos for insulation and today, majority of these have been shut down by authorities. However, residents and workers who were exposed to any form of asbestos from these industries before they were shut down may be at the risk of developing malignant mesothelioma. Till the year 1953, an estimated 35,000 tons of asbestos was mined from the various landscapes of Arizona, it is for this reason that there are possibilities and high chances of asbestos exposure through the environment as well, although it is still believed that occupational exposure through industries and mills poses a greater threat to residents and workers. The authorities have taken measures to decrease the amount of asbestos imports reaching the country, as well as the production and processing of commercial asbestos. The main usage of asbestos was primarily in the petrochemical or copper plants to provide heat and chemical insulation from the early 50’s to the 70’s. The final mining of asbestos was carried out in the year 1982, after which it was banned in Arizona. If you have worked at an asbestos contaminated site and have developed malignant mesothelioma you should contact an experienced Arizona mesothelioma lawyer to help you file your case.

Asbestos contaminated locations:

Following are the names of various institutions and industries which have exposed their workers to asbestos in some form or the other. They are either responsible for the processing of asbestos, or for releasing it into the atmosphere in the form of fibers or fumes. These locations include: Shell service station located in Phoenix, Chandler Power Plant in Chandler, Kennecott Copper Mine in Joseph City, Tuscan Gas and Electric Company in Tuscan, US Marine Barracks in Yuma, and Phoenix Union HS in Phoenix among others. If you have worked at any of the above mentioned companies you should contact an Arizona mesothelioma attorney and file your case if you suffer from mesothelioma.

Arizona mesothelioma attorney: Asbestos related Deaths in Arizona

During a span of twenty years, according to a report, asbestos toxicity caused more than 200 deaths in Arizona alone. During this period, there were also four hundred and seventy three reported cases of mesothelioma cancer which were mostly found in the late 90’s and the number of reports kept increasing at the end of each year. These facts and figures provide a superficial overview of the condition in Arizona and there are no records or evidence of reports from before the 80’s. The twentieth century marks the era during which asbestos was used at its peak commercially. Today, mesothelioma cases can still be seen in Arizona owing to the exposure gained from working with insulation material, floor tiling among other asbestos containing materials.

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Treatment centers for mesothelioma in Arizona:

The Arizona Cancer Center [4] is a state of the art treatment center for mesothelioma. If you feel any symptoms of the condition, or if you have worked at the above mentioned work sites, a thorough examination should be done at the mesothelioma treatment section in the Arizona Cancer Center.

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