North Dakota Mesothelioma Attorney

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma in the state of North Dakota, you are eligible to legally file a lawsuit against the company or persons responsible for causing the asbestos exposure and contamination that led to the development of the disease by contacting a North Dakota mesothelioma attorney. In this case, it is recommended to seek the services of a professional North Dakota mesothelioma lawyer who will guide you through all the legal proceeding that are involved in the process. The lawsuit filed in this case can contribute to some degree of retribution for your pain and suffering caused by the disease.

In majority of the mesothelioma cases reported from the state, the victims were unaware of the presence and hazards of the toxic mineral at their work sites, because they had not been warned against them. Mesothelioma is the deadliest complication of asbestos exposure and is fatal to humans. There is no cure that can cause the complete reversal of the disease once it has been diagnosed. It does not present any symptoms till decades after the exposure to asbestos that triggered the development of the deadly cancer.

North Dakota and mesothelioma:

Between the years 1980 and 2000, North Dakota was one of the states that lost the fewest lives to any asbestos related diseases. This is because majority of the asbestos exposure that has occurred across the country was due to the asbestos being processed or used industrially. In contract to this, it is a fact that North Dakota’s primary industry is the agricultural industry which is why the exposure resulting from work sites is fewer in this state. Asbestos is not usually used in any application which is associated to farming and agriculture, except when it is used in tractors and other farming machinery. The kind of industries and jobs that make use of asbestos as an integral manufacturing and operational unit are not very common in North Dakota, which is the leading reason for the fact that the state has not reported a significant number of fatalities owing to diseases resulting from the contamination caused by the toxic mineral. Regardless of the number of fatalities being low, it can rise as asbestos containing material is still present in many buildings and structures across North Dakota. If you have been associated with any industry or company that uses asbestos in any of its operations, and developed mesothelioma you should contact an experienced North Dakota mesothelioma attorney and file a mesothelioma award case as soon as possible.

Job sites in North Dakota that have been contaminated with asbestos:

The number of casualties in North Dakota may be comparatively less in contrast to the rest of the states of the country, but North Dakota is home to several power generation plants and also an oil refinery by the name of BP Amoco Oil refinery. These are two of the most dangerous industries with regards to asbestos exposure and contamination. North Dakota mesothelioma lawyers can file cases against companies that have been held responsible for contributing to asbestos contamination with their productions and operations.

Asbestos contamination in North Dakota:

It is a common fact that asbestos is widely used in insulating materials and buildings all over America because of its profitable properties. There are many products that are being used in the state that have been manufactured using asbestos in the form of vermiculite. This form of asbestos was brought to North Dakota from Libby, Montana and is one of the major causes of contamination via asbestos fibers which are very small and fine and can remain airborne for prolonged periods of time. The state, like many others in America has received twenty six thousand tons worth of shipments containing vermiculite, a form of asbestos. This mineral was then used for the production of thousands of commercial products and materials used in various industries before strict regulatory laws were imposed on the use and processing of this mineral in the 1970’s. It is a fact however, that many products and materials that were created using asbestos as an integral unit are still being used today.

Construction: One of the most prominent industries that made significant use of asbestos in their operations was the construction industry. For this reason many of the structures including residential, state and commercial buildings across North Dakota have been fitted with asbestos insulating materials which are now posing health concerns for the residents of the state. It is a fact that if these buildings undergo wear and tear, demolition or renovation, asbestos fibers may be released into the atmosphere which can cause dangerous diseases if inhaled or ingested by humans. The demolition and renovation of these structures are closely monitored by the North Dakota government [1] to control asbestos contamination and spread.

Flooding: The state is also prone to flooding and has had a history of flood encounters which have damaged many buildings exposing the insulation materials made from asbestos to the residents and workers in the vicinity [2].

Asbestos contamination and exposure has been reported from nearly eight cities in North Dakota and the number is likely to rise higher if the use of asbestos is not regulated. The city that has contributed to the greatest percentage of asbestos exposure in the whole state is Beulah which alone is accountable for being home to 3 areas causing asbestos exposure and contamination to workers and residents.

Mesothelioma treatment centers in North Dakota:

Since 1979 at least ninety four people have been killed by asbestos in the state of North Dakota [3]. One of the most critical factors about this particular cancer is that it may spontaneously develop symptoms years and even decades after the initial asbestos exposure that triggered the disease. This is why prompt diagnosis and treatment is very important to prolong the life of a mesothelioma victim. The treatment of this condition is very costly and painful for the victims as well. The following treatment centers are present in the state of North Dakota to treat mesothelioma victims:









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