After nearly thirty years of serving as a world leader in the treatment of pleural mesothelioma, thoracic surgeon and mesothelioma specialist Dr. David Sugarbaker passed away in August of 2018. Tributes and fond memories swiftly poured in from the mesothelioma community in an effort to honor the lasting legacy of one of the world’s most recognized mesothelioma specialists.

Dr. Sugarbaker Was a "Giant in the Field" of Mesothelioma Treatment

Many of the advancements in mesothelioma treatment and improved survival rates would simply not be possible but for the many contributions made by David Sugarbaker. Among them are the following notable accomplishments:

  • Built one of the world’s most prestigious mesothelioma cancer treatment centers in Boston
  • Developed and further refined key mesothelioma treatment techniques that have lowered mesothelioma mortality rates and, in many cases, significantly extended patient life expectancies and outcomes
  • Mentored and trained some of the most respected mesothelioma specialists practicing today

According to Dr. Jacques Fontaine, a Tampa thoracic surgeon who was trained by Dr. Sugarbaker, the specialist’s legacy will live on through the work he provided as a mentor. In Fontaine’s words, "Sugarbaker was "the mentor of mentors" whose dedication to advancing the treatment of mesothelioma influenced an "entire generation of thoracic surgeons."

Researchers and Surgeons Will Continue to Build on the Previous Generation’s Advancements

As mesothelioma survival rates and outcomes continue to improve, scientists continue to look for ways to better understand and treat mesothelioma. Even with all the accomplishments that have advanced understanding of mesothelioma, there are still many difficulties in treating mesothelioma effectively.

The disease’s long latency period makes it difficult to diagnose in a timely manner that allows for the most advanced treatments that improve patient outcomes. Even so, significant research has already been undertaken to diagnose the disease earlier, which we have written about in a previous blog post.

As mesothelioma researchers and thoracic surgeons continue to seek ways to advance mesothelioma care in a way that enhances patient wellbeing and quality of life, protect your legal rights by talking to a Ledger Law mesothelioma lawyer if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with the disease.

Talk to a Ledger Law Mesothelioma Attorney

The primary known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to the harms of asbestos. As such, a mesothelioma diagnosis is often attributable to a wrongful asbestos exposure that resulted because of the actions of a legally responsible party.

When you reach out to a mesothelioma attorney at the nationally recognized Ledger Law Firm, we will conduct a full investigation that determines where an asbestos exposure may have occurred and who bears legal culpability for the exposure.

Once we can prove the connection between a wrongful asbestos exposure and your mesothelioma diagnosis, we will be able to fight for your right to recover significant compensation.

Contact us online for a free case evaluation today to discuss your mesothelioma claim and legal rights.

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