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In a shocking lawsuit, San Diego City officials filed a legal claim arguing that San Diego City officials exposed the employees to the harms of asbestos. Worse, these harms, the lawsuit claims, were allowed to take place for months before concealing the significance of the asbestos exposure suffered by the San Diego city employees.

Here is a closer look at the legal claims and why it matters for other city employees who may have been exposed to the harms of asbestos.

A Closer Look at the San Diego Lawsuit Filed by City Employees

According to the lawsuit, which was detailed in-depth by the San Diego Union Tribute, "hundreds of employees" were allowed to remain in an area of leased office space, even though there were months of ongoing construction that exposed those employees who remained in the space to asbestos. 

The lawsuit was filed approximately two weeks ago on the behalf of Bryan Monaghan, a city building inspector. However, since hundreds of employees are thought to have been exposed to the asbestos during the months-long construction, as many as 550 employees may join the lawsuit, based on reporting from the San Diego Union Tribune.

Based on the lawsuit filed on behalf of Mr. Monaghan, it is also claimed that employees were told a planned relocation from the leased space was delayed to save the city of San Diego money if the lease agreement had been broken.

While San Diego city leaders have yet to comment on the lawsuit, the Union Tribune reporting does suggest that leaders are expected to sue the owner of the leased building on behalf of both the city of San Diego and the affected employees.

While the legal action is ongoing, it is important to remember that these city employees will now have to live with the ongoing fear that they may receive a diagnosis for mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease. The potential for a future mesothelioma diagnosis is particularly stressful since it can take decades for asbestos exposure to result in mesothelioma.

As such, the stress and uncertainty for these employees may very well cause concern for most of their lifetime, only to then receive the dire news of a mesothelioma diagnosis. And, it is also possible that some city employees will be diagnosed much earlier than the typical two to three decade timeline between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma diagnosis.

The Ledger Law Firm will continue to monitor these legal proceedings in order to best represent mesothelioma victims, and we are ready to represent any city employees who have been similarly affected by a potentially negligent exposure to asbestos.

Talk to a California Mesothelioma Lawyer at The Ledger Law Firm If You Have Been Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

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If you or a loved one was diagnosed with mesothelioma and believe a city, municipality or employer’s negligence caused the exposure, a San Diego mesothelioma lawyer at Ledger Law is ready to discuss your legal claim.

Our team will use our resources as a national law firm to investigate your claim and fight for your right to compensation once we can show that your disease was caused by a wrongful exposure to asbestos.

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