Stages of a Mesothelioma Lawsuit

Every asbestos exposure case makes necessary an asbestos settlement. By the same logic, every Mesothelioma Lawyer takes on every asbestos case with the sole intention of securing a Mesothelioma Compensation. By and large, the stages of a Mesothelioma Compensation lawsuit will vary from state to state. Nevertheless, every Mesothelioma Compensation case will be comprised of the following litigation phases:

The Complaint: To initiate the legal proceedings, your Mesothelioma Lawyer will file a complaint so as to identify the parties to the lawsuit. At this point, the party responsible for your asbestos exposure is identified. Likewise, you are identified as the suing party (plaintiff). Note, since there are different forms of exposures, the party being sued will vary in each instance. For example, in a Military Exposure litigation, the responsible party is usually the manufacturer of such product and not the military branch in which such exposure occurred. In a regular Industrial Exposure however, the exposed may seek a Mesothelioma Compensation from any party directly involved in the causation of exposure.

Exchange of Information (Discovery): As in every litigation, the discovery process is when parties to a Mesothelioma Compensation get to exchange information. In other words, your Mesothelioma Lawyer will demand useful information from the other party. Likewise, the defense may also request information from you. In both instances however, such request of information is required for building the case. Such requests may include medical, records or the live questioning of witnesses.

Admit or Deny: The party responsible for your asbestos exposure will at this point admit or deny all allegations. If the responsible party admits to your wrongful exposure, a Mesothelioma Compensation may be reached. If the defendant(s) refuse(s) to take responsibility, your Mesothelioma Compensation case moves on to the trial phase. At trial, your Mesothelioma Lawyer will emphasize the link between your exposure to asbestos and the resulting mesothelioma. Additionally, your Mesothelioma Lawyer will emphasize how dangerous a carcinogenic substance asbestos is.

Outcome (Verdict): After your Mesothelioma Lawyer and defense have presented their arguments, the judge will render the verdict, or instruct the jury if present. If you win, a Mesothelioma Compensation will follow. If you are ruled against (lose), you may Appeal your case to a higher court. If the higher court rules in your favor, your case will be sent back to the lower courts for re-litigation.

Remember, most claims get settled during the pre-trial process. Similarly, a Mesothelioma Compensation may occur while trial is ongoing as well.